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      Melissa Carpio - February  2021

      2021 Discoveries: Priscilla Phillips

       This year has brought us a sense of focus and calm. A return to activities that delight our senses and make room for connection.  We asked our team to share their favorite comforts and hobbies during this unique time.  First up – our fearless store leader, Priscilla Phillips.  

      Comfort & Joy
      I take comfort in weekly nature walks and photography. I focus on everyday life, playing with light and shadows. Candids are another favorite of me. Weekly paint nights with close friends keep me connected and inspired to keep creating. I'm also loving stained glass video tutorials. 

      Image via

      Image via

      Binge watching Kipo and the Age of WonderBeasts, Disenchantment and Castle Rock. These Cozy Kid Club color block sweaters are my favorite fashion find. Cozy. Cheerful. Done. They go with jeans, leggings and sweats.

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