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        GIVE $10 + GET $10

        • Every cent of your gift counts since we cover the administrative costs.
        • Give back to organizations that matter to you
        • Save your receipt as record of your donation. Your donation may be tax deductible.

        HOW IT WORKS

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        Add items to your shopping cart. When adding your items to cart, you have the option to donate and see the causes we support.

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        Before adding your donation to cart, you get a chance to learn more about the non-profit partner(s) and the supporting cause.

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        Select "Donate" and when placing your order, you will automatically see the $10 donation added to cart as well as the $10 OFF coupon code for donating!


        Here's where your donation goes if you purchase today. We aim is to support a range
        of local and national causes. Select one charity, two, or split your donation between all!

        Inspires students at all middle schools nationwide to end social isolation and create a culture of belonging for everyone.

         Why This Cause? We believe in the need to create a culture of belonging for everyone. Beyond Differences has spearheaded the movement to end social isolation and change the worldview of this issue through national programs that aim to empower students and teachers alike to encourage inclusion, kindness and acceptance and end bullying before it begins.

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        Committed to supporting people with developmental disabilities in their quest to become working artists.

         Why This Cause? We started Optical Underground to support artists and save independent design. We’ve been lucky enough to host Creativity Explored Artist pop-ups in our Hayes Valley shop and continue to support their efforts to foster artistic development for people with developmental disabilities and celebrate the power of art to change lives.

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        Provides mobile hygiene for those experiencing homelessness, one mobile shower at a time.

         Why This Cause? We believe access to hygiene and sanitation is a basic human right. We’ve seen Lava Mae’s hyperlocal approach in action in our Bay Area communities and believe in their concept of Radical Hospitality -- How you serve is as important as the service itself.

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        Connecting San Franciscans experiencing homelessness with the care they need to move forward.

         Why This Cause? Through Project Homeless Connect’s Vision Program, we’ve volunteered and provided  glasses for those in need. Additional support through their dental, hearing and hygiene programs connect San Franciscans experiencing homelessness with the care they need to move forward.

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        Ending hunger in San Francisco and Marin.

         Why This Cause? The Food Bank continues to do the daily job of making sure vulnerable neighbors get the food they need. They’ve raced to put new programming and solutions in place, one by one, to be able to continue providing food and helping our community through this crisis.

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        In 1906, our founder’s grandfather, Irving Silverstein, arrived in San Francisco to find the destruction unleashed by the Great Earthquake and Fire. He took his optician’s kit to the homeless camps and provided glasses to anyone who had lost glasses in the disaster. So began our commitment to the community that has supported us so graciously for over 100 years. Since our inception, we’ve hosted events for local artists and charities. We continue to donate our time and money to causes that address community-wide issues like homelessness, healthcare and education.

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