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      Melissa Carpio - June  2020

      Behind the Design: Mykita

      MYKITA is known for innovative eyewear with a distinguished look.  Founded in Berlin in 2003, the first MYKITA premises were settled in a former children’s day care, called Kita in German. This inspired not only the name My Kita, but also a culture of curiosity and play. They started with a clear aesthetic vision and a readiness to do things themselves. Creating an open-minded work environment and a sense of integrity toward everything in and around the product came intuitively.

      2003 by Moritz Krueger
      Location: Berlin, Germany
      Independent Brand?: Yes
      Known for: Handmade designer eyewear. Best for those looking for understated styles crafted to stand the test of time.

      Design Philosophy


      The clear design language at MYKITA starts with material integrity, emphasizing the most appealing properties of the materials we work with. Our product design is straightforward – seeing how something is built has become the most recognizable feature of MYKITA frames. The first collection featured an openly displayed spiral hinge, a mechanical solution that became an incidental styling element and a hallmark of MYKITA frames. This original patented hinge represents the guiding principle for design at MYKITA: the technical solution must also be aesthetic.

      With a focus on challenging norms and creating new aesthetic impulses within eyewear, MYKITA pushes visible logos and conventional luxury codes into the background. Instead, significant research and development goes into advancing constructions, materials and surfaces, which all contribute to the characteristic modernity of their frames. This extensive catalogue of design ingredients enables the variety of styles in the collections, as well as the refined color and surface compositions that set MYKITA glasses apart.

      The MYKITA design team is a diverse group of product designers and technical engineers. This mix of people with experience in eyewear as well as designers and experts from other fields stimulates an interdisciplinary dialogue that provokes new perspectives on eyewear. Working predominately with prototypes, the team develops the product in a hands-on process centered on the wearer: every element of each eyewear model has been considered and thought-out down to the smallest detail.

      The Modern Manufactory

      The main source of innovation and autonomy at MYKITA. Where creative concepts meets technical expertise and specialized craftsmanship merges with advanced technologies. 

      MYKITA started out in the same independent and pioneering spirit that shaped their hometown, Berlin. With no one to manufacture their original eyewear designs, the decision was made to set up the in-house production. Developing their own tools and processes to meet design requirements has since become a principle of how MYKITA operates and one of their greatest assets. At its heart, the modern manufactory is the combination of specialized craftsmanship and adapted new technologies.

      In 2014, MYKITA settled into a historic building in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg. Headed by founder Moritz Krueger, the team at MYKITA HAUS is a mix of people with diverse cultural backgrounds and individual talents who guide the product through every stage. The interplay between people and disciplines drives the joy for experimentation and commitment to quality reflected in their products.

      Simple, functional with an idiosyncratic look – discover how the patented and award-winning eyewear designs are conceived and developed at MYKITA.

      Above: The fine milling process of acetate frame fronts. MYKITA HAUS, Ritterstraße 9, Berlin

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      Life at MYKITA HAUS headquarters.

      Shop our latest curation of MYKITA frames. Satisfy your eyewear addictions at prices you can't resist. 

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